Are There Any Christian Business Schools in the US?

Christian business schools are unique in their own respect since these schools teach business principles and religious faith to their students. Quite a lot of students across the country are searching for such schools. However, are there really such schools in the US? Yes, there are several such business schools from the West to the East Coast for all kinds of Christian students' needs. Several of them even provide business program that are nationally ranked. Given below are a few such noteworthy schools that you may want to consider.

Abilene University

Abilene University is one of the noteworthy Christian business schools today that offers a graduate accounting program that is nationally recognized. In fact, the program had made a place for itself among the top 25 in the US for smaller schools. The program is also accredited by the AACSB. This is an organization that recognizes worldwide business schools. At Abilene University faith is an integral part of their business lessons.

Anderson University

Another option among Christian business schools today is the Anderson University. The Falls School of Business of this university is among the top ranked Christian colleges today. The business program that is offered by the university is recognized by Redefining Investment Strategy Education, which was a conference that had been held in March 2010. There are Students in Free Enterprise program at the university that has been ranked on the third position among 900 colleges. This business school is committed to faith and quality.

Regent University

The School of Global Entrepreneurship and Leadership of the Regent University has a business program that is nationally recognized. The courses that are offered are 100% online as well as available on campus. The MBA program offered by the University incorporates Christian principles as well as modern leadership concepts. The students that study at this university are capable of applying biblical principles to various contemporary problems in business and can ethically manage various cross culture environments.

Before you join a business program at one of these universities you will first have to think about a few reasons why you want to study at a Christian school. You will only be able to benefit from these colleges if you have the right reason to join them. If you are eager to learn how to apply biblical and Christian values to businesses and how to manage and handle everyday business problems ethically then this might be a good option for you to consider.