The Process Of Applying To Graduate Business School Involves Several Steps

Getting into Business School is much like getting into any other type of graduate studies program. You'll have to provide transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc. One of the most time-consuming and important parts of your application will be the one or more essays each applicant is asked to write. For many Business School candidates, however, these essays often fall into the category of "last minute." If you are dreading getting started, motivate yourself by taking in a sobering fact: submitting a poorly-written or generic essay may ruin your chances of getting into Business School.

Though you may not think that writing abilities are an important part of a Business career, you should probably rethink this view. Written communications are an important part of almost any field, but they are especially important in Business. Your application essay will demonstrate that you can convey your thoughts in a clear and logically constructed manner, while also exhibiting your personal voice and your sincere feelings about entering a business program. What does this mean for you? It means that your essays will be carefully considered by the admissions committee at every Business School you apply to.

You may be wondering how you can prepare for writing the essay or essays that will be required of you. The first step is to get started early. Read the prompts provided by each program, and spend some time thinking about them. The earlier you start, the more time you will have to come up with the "right answers."

Of course, only you know what the right answer is to any given question: the answer that you sincerely feel to be true. Arriving at your true feelings involves self-reflection, however. If you wait until the last minute to do your essays, you will end up rushing and submitting generic responses that don't truly reflect you.

Many Business Schools provide similar prompts, so nothing that you encounter should be too surprising. Many programs ask you to explain why you selected the program and how the program will prepare you for your future goals. Another common question is who your mentor or most influential person is. Others include naming your defining moment or citing an example of your personal growth.

Sometimes a Business School, especially a more competitive one, will throw you a curve ball. A truly tough essay question may force you to think about how you have used business-related practices such as team-building or taking initiative in your own life and in your educational experiences so far. You should be ready to examine ways that you have exhibited leadership or other valuable traits for future business professionals.

Don't assume that you can use a one size fits all essay for every program you apply to. You will likely be able to use the same essay for more than one school if you tweak it, but do not try to fit a round peg into a square hole. Trying to force an essay for one school to work for another school when it clearly does not fit won't do you any good.